Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Weekending | Whitsun Bank Holiday

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Well we've had our Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK this weekend which has coincided with the schools half term holiday so I have really lost track of which day it is. My mum went away with my Auntie for the long weekend which left just me, my dad and the rabbit in the house- a total recipe for disaster. On Saturday morning, I accidentally pulled a curtain off the rail in the spare room. My dad didn't notice this until Tuesday afternoon! On the other hand, my mum came back on Tuesday evening and noticed within 10 minutes of coming back! Oh well, it's all fixed now.

My weekend started off slowly. I had a nice lie in to recover from the madness of working 50 hour weeks in comparison to my usual 20, and got some of the housework done (look at me being all domesticated!). Saturday is my usual day off work, but I'd agreed to host a Birthday party at gymnastics for one of my gymnasts. It was only the 2nd party I'd hosted, but it ran much more smoothly than the first one thankfully. While I was there I had a message from my nan asking her to help with some stuff on her iPad (she still can't send an email without the entire message in the subject line) so I popped round and saw my grandparents for the first time in about three weeks, which is quite bad considering they live 3 roads away!

Sunday morning started with a Facetime call to Sophie, and she invited me over to stay for the night. Whenever I go to Wales, I always stay with my Aunt and Uncle so this was a first to stay at her house. I packed my bag and drove to Wales straight from work, creeping in at 10.30pm trying not to wake little Emily and was greeted with an ice cream cone. Can't every hotel have that kind of welcome?

It's taken 15 months to get a photo of both of us smiling
She loves my glasses.

Bank Holiday Monday started in the happiest way, with shouts of 'Hiya!' from 15 month old Emily to wake me up. I hadn't seen her since she was properly walking, and oh my, she doesn't stop moving now! She is such a happy and giggly little girl, she makes me smile so much. It was a beautiful day so we went out in the morning, then had milkshakes and spent the afternoon soaking up the sun in the garden. After Emily went to bed, me and Sophie had a girly night in with snacks and watched old videos making us reminisce about our previous trips to Florida.

Pyjamas, snacks and Disney, what a perfect night!
So good!
Sadly I had to be back for work on Tuesday afternoon so that's where the fun ended but it was an unexpected fun weekend with lots of giggles and smiles.
Em was quite happy to steal my shoes. This girl loves shoes!


  1. Starting early on the shoe love!

    Mothers notice many things fathers don't. LOL.

    1. Oh yes, I'm proud of her for the shoe love!