Thursday, 2 June 2016

Thursday Confessions

The temporary job that I just finished had moments of complete madness and feeling rushed off your feet, then had moments of very slow down time with nothing happening. I ended up writing down lots of notes for blog posts, and had noticed the Confessions posts on Jenn's blog so thought I'd give it a go. So over the last month or so, I confess...

- I totally felt like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. I was the young blonde girl surrounded by people of much greater intelligence than I have... I had to pretend to have serious and well thought out opinions on everything and I never quite got used to being told multiple times a day that I was 'awfully kind' or 'terribly kind' every time I did a job for someone. 

- Is there a greater feeling than standing on the platform at the train station with hundreds of other commuters, seeing a train pull in and stop with the doors exactly right in front of you? After a couple of days of the commute I'd worked out the ideal places to stand on the platform so I got a seat pretty much every time on the train. 

- There was so much down time whilst I was at the job, that essentially I was being paid to plan blog posts and write gymnastics session plans. My little notebook became my saviour for three weeks, and is pretty worn out now. Got to keep my eye out for an inexpensive pretty notebook now, any suggestions? I love the look of paperchase ones but they are super expensive.

- I also realised I wrote an entire post just about the weather. How very British of me.

- Over the three weeks I was there, I probably ate and drank close to my body weight in tea, coffee and biscuits. My role was based in the kitchen, so whenever it was quiet it was so tempting to just grab a cup of tea, and biscuits have always been my weakness so I really struggled to resist the temptation there. Oops!

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