Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A Bit of Explaining...

Well I'm back from a completely unplanned bloggy break so I have a little explaining to do. Shortly after I pressed publish on this post, I had a phone call from my job agency that I recently signed up to. I was offered three weeks full time work in a very well respected firm in the city centre, where I'd be surrounded by highly educated people. It was only a housekeeping role, but nevertheless the name of the firm looks great on my CV and it's all experience so it would have been stupid to say no.

So why the bloggy break? My schedule for the last few weeks was something like 6.40am wake up, 7.20 out the house, 8.30 start work, 5.30pm finish work and rush to train station, 6.20 get home, 6.30 go to the evening job, 9.30 get home, 10.15 bed. It doesn't really leave much time for blogging! Or time for anything to be honest. I was still going to my job at the gymnastics club 3 evenings a week, and on the other evenings I was just so tired that I'd find a spot on the sofa and just sit there all night. Shoutout to the head coach of the gymnastics club for being super understanding, and allowing me to pretty much halve the hours I coach each week on less than 24 hours notice. One of the reasons I love working there :)

I'm back to 'normal' now, whatever that may be. Things I'll miss about the job- really friendly people, being told I'm 'awfully kind' each time I take a cup of tea into a conference room, and the lunchtime walks around the city discovering little cafes. Things I definitely won't miss- rush hour trains, uncomfortable shoes, not being able to see the sky from the office and the tiredness of non-stop days.

Let the regular blogging resume!


  1. Working two jobs is no joke - congrats on completing the first one! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. It was certainly crazy, but very rewarding!