Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A Bit of Explaining...

Well I'm back from a completely unplanned bloggy break so I have a little explaining to do. Shortly after I pressed publish on this post, I had a phone call from my job agency that I recently signed up to. I was offered three weeks full time work in a very well respected firm in the city centre, where I'd be surrounded by highly educated people. It was only a housekeeping role, but nevertheless the name of the firm looks great on my CV and it's all experience so it would have been stupid to say no.

So why the bloggy break? My schedule for the last few weeks was something like 6.40am wake up, 7.20 out the house, 8.30 start work, 5.30pm finish work and rush to train station, 6.20 get home, 6.30 go to the evening job, 9.30 get home, 10.15 bed. It doesn't really leave much time for blogging! Or time for anything to be honest. I was still going to my job at the gymnastics club 3 evenings a week, and on the other evenings I was just so tired that I'd find a spot on the sofa and just sit there all night. Shoutout to the head coach of the gymnastics club for being super understanding, and allowing me to pretty much halve the hours I coach each week on less than 24 hours notice. One of the reasons I love working there :)

I'm back to 'normal' now, whatever that may be. Things I'll miss about the job- really friendly people, being told I'm 'awfully kind' each time I take a cup of tea into a conference room, and the lunchtime walks around the city discovering little cafes. Things I definitely won't miss- rush hour trains, uncomfortable shoes, not being able to see the sky from the office and the tiredness of non-stop days.

Let the regular blogging resume!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A Day in Photos | A day in the City

I thought it would be fun to try and document a day in photos... it didn't last very long but this was the best I could come up with this time. I might make this into a series of posts and we can see if I get any better at remembering to take photos!

As usual, the day begins with a cup of tea in my Frozen mug.

This day I was getting the train into the city centre for some temporary work. The view from the office was pretty cool but I didn't feel comfortable enough to get my phone out and take a picture!

I came home (told you I was bad at this taking photos malarky... skipped from 10am to 5pm!) to find Bailey had received his first personalised post... courtesy of the Pets at Home 'Very Important Pet' programme.

I spent the evening reading some blogs, brainstorming blog post ideas and I started work on the Disney Character Tag.

So that's one day in my life! I really like the idea of doing a few more posts in this style, I'll just have to find some more interesting days where I can actually take photos all day :)

Monday, 9 May 2016

Happy Monday!

We have a small heat wave in the UK at the moment, which is making this Monday extra happy because I can sit outside and tan before I go to work this evening (hopefully the clouds will decide to move sometime soon). Though to be fair, the result of yesterdays 'tan' session was a few more freckles on my face and a slightly red chest. Gotta love having really fair skin!

Mr Bailey bunny isn't enjoying the weather- I don't think I would either if I had a constant black fur coat on! He has found a cool place in front of the sideboard in the living room and has made himself comfortable there for the time being. I think he is happy! The first time I saw him like this I had to double check that he was actually breathing, but now I just think that we must be doing something right if he is happy enough to roll around like this :)

Have a great week!

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Disney Character Tag

What a fun tag! As soon as I saw it I knew I'd have to give it a go- you know I love a good tag, and I love Disney too. Even better that I got to go through my old photos from Florida to use in this post too.  I found this on Renee's blog so go and check out her answers.

 Aurora- Story of your first kiss: 
It was Valentine's Day and a guy I had been talking to surprised me on my doorstep with roses and a card. The kiss itself wasn't that romantic though.

Rapunzel- 5 Things on your bucket list:
- Go to watch an Olympics in person
- Visit all the continents
- Travel across America and Canada
- Get married
- Have kids and take them to Disneyworld

Dory- Something someone has told you that you can't forget:
It's ok not to not be an expert the first time you try something... just be patient and work hard.

Pocahontas- Something new you taught someone:
I guess this wants a deeper answer but my job is teaching kids how to flip so I guess that counts?

Mulan- Do you trust your gut feeling?
No. Sometimes my gut reaction is a complete overreaction so I have to take some time to completely think a situation through before my instincts get me into trouble.

Jasmine- The story of when you really had to trust someone. Was it easy?
A few weeks after I started my job there was lots of restructuring going on. I wasn't particularly convinced to begin with but decided to put my trust in the decision makers because they were way more experienced with me. I guess it was easy to trust them but I had to keep reminding myself it was for the best.

Belle- Is there someone you are close to who no one else likes? What's the story?
In High School, I was best friends with the new girl who got bullied and I helped her through that time and we got really close. As time went on, she began to ignore me and distance herself from me so we haven't spoken in years.

Ariel- Where do you think you belong and why?
I have no clue to be honest. If anyone knows where I belong, please tell me! Some days I am happy living in my town, other days I can't wait to move away. Sometimes I see myself living in the same town as my cousins, other days I just want to pack up and move to North America. So yeah, I don't know.

Tiana- A time you tried your hardest for something:
In my last year of uni, trying to get the 1st class degree. I knew it would be a long shot but knew if I aimed for the first then the 2:1 would most likely happen. For first semester I was pretty good, but then the whole broken ankle drama kicked off and second semester was much harder work ethic wise but I ended up with the 2:1. Also, I guess I worked super hard for my Level 2 gymnastics coaching award because I knew I needed it but the technical knowledge was still a little over my head.

Simba- Something a parent has taught you:
If you have a bad day, just have a glass of wine and it'll all get better.

Alice- Ever done drugs?
I guess the closest I've come is the gas and air I was on when the doctor was trying to physically repair my broken ankle by pushing down on it whilst the cast was being put on. After two minutes on gas and air apparently everyone thought I was some Olympic level trampolinist (in my defense they asked two questions- did I do competitions and could I somersault? the answer to both was yes, so apaprently Olympic level was the logical conclusion) so I dread to think what I'd be like with anything else.

Peter Pan- Something from your childhood that you still love:
Disney! And Disneyworld. I will never be too old for Disney.

Merida- What are you most passionate about?
Gymnastics I guess? It was my hobby growing up, and after I stopped I followed the sport as a fan. Now I'm still a big fan and I coach 6 days a week too, so I honestly don't remember the last day I went a day without involving gymnastics in some capacity.

I tag Sophie to do this tag! If you've done it, leave me your links below to check out.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Travel Throwbacks | Egypt 2011

Back in August 2011 we traveled to Taba Heights, Egypt. It is a super small town around 10 miles from the border of Israel. We stayed at the Sofitel, and it was crazy to see 4 countries and 2 continents from our hotel! (Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia).

We travelled on my mums birthday so took this Millie's Cookies cake with us,

We arrived quite late at night and were sent to get dinner before we had checked in and seen our rooms. The next morning we woke up and noticed there were huge mountains behind the hotel that we hadn't seen the night before!

The lobby looked pretty spectacular at night.

I missed the memo to take a maxi dress with me. We had an impromptu photo shoot and this was our best 'Egyptian' pose that we could come up with.

We spent most of our time by the 'quiet pool'. Although, being a group of 7 we were probably the loudest there and got to know everyone. Apparently we had quite the reputation by the end of the trip!

We didn't actually spend much time by the beach, but the sand and the water was pretty warm.

The hotel viewed from the pier.

The most exciting part of the holiday was the power cutting out leaving the hotel complex with no food, sanitation or air conditioning. Our travel company, Thomson, evacuated all its customers to a hotel two hours away in a town called Dahab for the night. It was nice to get cool air, safe food and one of the comfiest beds I've ever slept in, but the 160+ steps up from our room to the lobby and restaurant wasn't so good!
 Funny story from the evacuation- we made friends with a family who had a mum who had swam in the Olympics, and a daughter and son who were also swimming at junior elite level. When we were getting the bus back early the next morninh we were waiting for one missing family- theirs. They were found down by the pool having their early morning swim! It's been pretty cool to follow the daughters progress in swimming as she has now competed at World Championships and has Commonwealth Medals.

Back at the Sofitel and trying to get artsy with the photos from the tower.

The view from our room- the mountains in the background are in Saudi Arabia.

So thats some of the best photos I took in Egypt! I always take way more photos of the scenery rather than the people for some reason... so the photos with me in must be on someone elses computer. It was a super pretty place and so so so warm! I'd love to go back to the hotel... if only it was in another location. The area is now so unsafe that no flights even go into the airport anymore. Oh well, lots more places in the world to go and visit!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Weekending | Food Poisoning and Bank Holidays

Hope you all enjoyed your long Bank Holiday weekend! How has May come around already? I probably say that every month but the weeks and months do seem to pass by so quickly,

I spent the majority of my long weekend on the sofa recovering from food poisoning :( My energy is finally beginning to return as I transition back to eating normal food rather than the bland food and digestive biscuit diet. The only positive from the whole experience is that the scales now show that I've lost 1 stone since the end of January! 5lbs of that has been since Friday so I'm sure some of it will go back on, but I'll celebrate for the moment :)

Before all the sickness drama, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Fitbit. I found a great deal on Amazon for a Fitbit Charge for £64.99. It arrived Saturday so once I mustered up a bit of energy I managed to set it up and start using it. First impressions- it's ok, not sure if it's completely worth the money. I'll do a review post once I've got round to using it a little more and I can use it in 'normal' life rather than the 'sitting on the sofa ill all weekend' life.

Have a great week!