Thursday, 3 March 2016

The 'If I Could' Tag

We all love to dream so when I saw this tag on a couple of blogs that I love to read- Renee's and Kerri's, I knew I had to give this tag a go!

If I could live anywhere...
I'd live somewhere warm but still has seasons. Somewhere near water. Somewhere with palm trees. I always used to dream about moving to the USA and I remember working out that Charlotte, North Carolina would be the best place for me (Direct flights home, not too crazy time difference to home, seasons, lakes, city, sports etc)

If I could have any home...
I'm forever scouring pinterest for the perfect houses and I can never decide. I'd love a house with arched windows and high ceilings, in a not too busy but not too quiet neighbourhood. A big front porch would be lovely, and I'd love to be overlooking water.

If I could have any garden...
I guess I just mentioned part of that above. Lots of space for kids, but not too big to make upkeep a struggle.

If I could be on holiday right now...
I'm not sure. I'm always thinking of being in Orlando/Disney World because that is my happy place. At the moment, I'm dreaming about a Las Vegas/ Los Angeles holiday which is a bit different but something that interests me.
As a little 9 year old in Disney World

If I could have any job...
I'd be an elite gymnastics coach. I'd love to reach a point where I had reached excellence and expertise within the field, but having worked alongside elite coaches, I know it's not an easy path to follow and I doubt it's something I'll ever reach.

If I could have any talent...
Hmmmm I don't know. It's not really a talent, but I'd love to actually be able to pay complete attention to detail and finish off a task perfectly and not settle for anything less than perfection. That would make my life a lot easier.

If I could live any day again...
6th May 2013. It was a perfect day. The weather was beautiful, the whole family was together, things I worried about turned out not needing anything to worry about and our football club achieved what most would have thought was impossible- winning the Welsh Cup.

Let me know in the comments what talent you'd have if you could choose!


  1. So fun to learn more about you - love your dream job! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. Thanks! Coaching competitive sport really is tougher than it looks- and I only do it at a pretty low level at the moment!