Friday, 29 January 2016

Friday Highlights | An Odd Week

As you may have noticed, I've been doing these Friday Highlight posts for a couple of weeks now with the theme of things that made me smile. Today's post will be a little different because this week has been one of those odd weeks where no major things have made me smile. It certainly hasn't been a bad week, but there's just nothing major to write about.

So things that have happened this week:

-My dad had a couple of days off work so we have done a lot of jigsaws together. Our brains work in very different ways when it comes to jigsaws so I had to bite my tongue a lot when he was trying to hand me pieces when I was concentrating on other areas of the jigsaw!

- Remember at the start of December I wrote about my eyes swelling up? The antibiotics seemed to have worked and I've had no eye problems since then. Until Tuesday night. I was in my car driving and I could feel my eye swelling up again. By Wednesday morning I looked like I'd been on the wrong end of a boxing match. I'll spare you the photos that I have. The pharmacist just recommended eye drops this time and they've done a great job in getting the swelling down so I look like a regular person again.

- I downloaded a pedometer app to my phone this week and I've set myself a goal number of steps to take every day. So far so good I'm pleased to report! It's quite difficult to keep my phone on me at work all the time to count the steps so I think I need to look into getting a Fitbit or something like that (if you have any recommendations, please let me know). After a week of monitoring my steps, I've been sleeping much better.

How was your week? 


  1. I wish my Dad would do jigsaws with me, I really like doing them and I need to get into them more, so therapeutic!
    New to your blog and I look forward to seeing more <3

    Meme x

    1. Hi Meme! I hadn't done jigsaws in ages until I found them all hiding away the other week, it's been quite fun to do them again. I look forward to seeing you around on my blog :)