Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Blogmas Day 8 | Our Christmas Tree

We put our Christmas Tree up on Saturday. As much as my family love real trees, we decided to use the artificial tree this year.

Long story short, we ended up having to go out and buy a brand new artificial tree. We've had our old one since 1998 and it no longer wants to stand up completely vertically. After a quick trip to the shops, we now have a 7ft tree! Our old one was 6ft and we were happy to buy a smaller one, but it was such a good deal for the bigger one that we couldn't leave it.

I love helping to put the tree up. It feels like the moment Christmas really arrives. Our tree looks so pretty. We have two sets of lights on it; one plain set and one set that twinkle. The baubles are all green, red and gold which makes a really classic festive look.

Presents are all under the tree ready to give out to friends and family.

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