Monday, 21 December 2015

Blogmas Day 21 | 'Twas the Weekend before Christmas

'Twas the weekend before Christmas... and I got to relax and do nothing all weekend! Just kidding. It was crazily busy and I'm glad it's all over now and I can relax a bit before the excitement of Christmas at the end of the week.

On Friday, I had a message to say my Nan's brother was in town and visiting. He has two dogs and they go everywhere with him, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go and see family as well as play with the dogs at the same time (I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on the blog before, but we have been thinking about getting a dog so I love playing with them whenever I can). I hadn't seen my Great Uncle or the dogs for over a year but it seemed like they remembered me, as they were super calm and fell asleep with their paws on me.

The following day we had our inaugural Christmas Display for the kids to show off to their parents. There were over 300 children involved over the day and it seemed like everyone enjoyed it. It was hard work for the coaches, as for many they had little experience of pulling off a show and dealing with backstage issues, but the few of us with a dance background got it going and kept it to schedule over the day.

Sunday was the last day of classes, which meant it was my last day of work before Christmas. It was an 'interesting' day with many kids not in and equipment still all over the place from the display the day before, and us coaches may or may not have joined in a little once we were by the trampoline. Thankfully no injuries to report and I'm now happily finished work for Christmas. 

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