Monday, 14 December 2015

Blogmas Day 14 | Another Busy Festive Weekend

*Back dated post*

We taught my nan how to take selfies on her iPad.
I don't think I actually stopped all weekend! On Saturday, we went out for a meal to celebrate my Nan's 75th Birthday. Her birthday was actually on Sunday, but as I was working all day Sunday we decided to celebrate a day early so we could have all the family together. We went to a little local pub that we have been going to for Birthday meals since I was about 6, and it is always decorated so beautifully for Christmas. As usual, we had a wonderful meal and for once I wasn't leaving feeling overfull because I worked out that the snack menu had portions that were a regular size in comparison to the huge portions on the main menu!

On Sunday, I was working all day for a little competition held at the gymnastics club that I work at. It was a very long day- there was a break between each round of competition but every time I sat down I felt like I was going to fall asleep so I kept myself busy as much as I could. Despite it being a long day, all in all it was very successful. For some of my gymnasts, it was their first ever competition and I'm pleased to report that out of the gymnasts I coach, four of them won the club champion title in their category, as well as lots of other medals between them! Happy gymnasts = happy coach :)

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