Sunday, 13 December 2015

Blogmas Day 13 | Moments Captured by my Phone... Autumn Edition

I started writing this post last month but never finished it so thought I'd finish it off as part of blogmas!  I quite enjoyed doing the summer edition of this post so thought I'd do an Autumn one! Here are a few moments captured by the camera on my phone from September-November.

I went to Birmingham for the day and there were these painted owls all over the city. I'm not sure what they were all about but I thought it was pretty cute and brightened up the city centre. I don't remember the sky looking that dark though when I was there!

The view from my seat at the SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow for the World Gymnastics Championships. It was a great couple of days!

When I was little we would often go for a walk in the woods with my grandparents, but as they've got older it's become more difficult for them to get around. They were having a good day one day and it was pretty warm compared to usual so we went for a walk and reminisced about all the memories we had made there.

I have never carved a pumpkin before as my mum was never really into Halloween, but I decided that this year it was going to change. I used pinterest for inspiration and this was the result! 

Our Christmas Costa date! Every year me and my mum go on a Costa date to try out the Christmas drinks just after they are released. I had my favourite White Hot Chocolate, but I don't remember what my mums drink was.

So that's it for my Autumn phone round up... I'll see if I can do a Winter round up by the end of February!

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