Friday, 11 December 2015

Blogmas Day 11 | Favourite Christmas Films

Last week I did a list of of my favourite Christmas songs, so I thought I'd post about my favourite Christmas films. I'm not much of a film person as I have the attention span of a fish, but here are a few films I love at this time of year, in no particular order as I can't choose!

Elf- What can you say about Elf? It's a classic. It's so quotable, makes you laugh out loud as well as bringing the festive spirit along at the end.

The Grinch- To be honest, every time I watch the Grinch I am amazed at the production that must have gone into creating this film. I mean, every single person involved in any scene would have had to go through lengthy hair and make up.  Anyway, it's one of my Christmas favourites. Cindy Lou is just so cute, and I love the 'Where are you Christmas?' song.

Santa Claus the Movie- I used to watch this growing up, and although I didn't particularly understand it all, I loved it. It's a film I still try to watch every year.

Nativity- I only discovered this film last year, but it's a feel good film. It's produced by the BBC and set in a British primary school, showing the drama that goes on behind the scenes to produce a school nativity play. They've since made Nativity 2 and 3, which are on my list to watch.

What is your favourite Christmas film?

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