Saturday, 24 October 2015

October Favourites

I did a similar post back in September which I enjoyed writing, so thought I'd give it a go again for October. Here are a few things I'm loving this month!
Limited Collection Nail Polish- I found these as a gift set in the M&S outlet store for just £4.50 and thought the colours were really Autumnal. I love the gold and the 'electric purple' colours, the 'aquamarine' colour is lovely, but probably better for summer than autumn. 

Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (£2.95). I was having a particularly stressful day recently so decided to take myself on a shopping trip to cheer myself up. I always see bloggers raving about Lush products but I haven't been in there in years so thought I'd treat myself to one. I didn't know where to begin! One of the kind store assistants recommended this one to me. As it's a bubble bar rather than a bath bomb, you just have to break a bit off (so it can be used on more than one occasion) and crumble it under the tap to create the bubbles. It was a nice, relaxing, slightly pink bubble bath with no mess to clear up at the end. Bonus!

Primark LED Fairy Lights- These were also bought on the same cheer-me-up shopping trip as the bubble bar, and I think they look super pretty around my bed! I wasn't expecting great quality as they are from Primark, and I only paid £2.50 for 40 lights, but they seem to be worth the money at the moment- we'll have to see how long they last!

Aeropostale Soho Nights Perfume- My parents bought me this when they were in America in the summer and I've had a lot of use out of it this month (forgot to take a photo of this one so had to use a stock photo whoops). I love how pretty the design is, although the bow fell off mine, and the scent is just lovely!

What are you loving at the moment? Do you have a favourite bath product that you can recommend for me to try out?


  1. Love the fairy lights! & those nail polish shades are so pretty!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. Thanks! Sorry for the slow reply, I'm just recovering from a very busy and exciting weekend :)