Saturday, 17 October 2015

Get to Know Me Tag

I came across this tag and thought I'd give it a go. I've got a few new readers so thought it would be fun for you to get to know me a little more!

1. What is your middle name? Elizabeth... nice to know my parents were imaginative

2. What was favorite subject at school? Geography. From day 1, I always loved Geography- it was the subject I found the most interesting and was naturally good at so I liked it enough to end up studying it at university.
On a Geography field trip in Iceland in 2010.
3. What is your favorite drink? Hmmmm, mostly during the day I just drink water. Coffee is my favourite when I need a caffeine boost, but usually I prefer tea (in my Frozen mug of course). Alcohol wise, you can't beat a vodka and coke :)

4. What is your favorite song at the moment? At the moment, I can't stop taking Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon off repeat. Is it actually possible to listen to the song without wanting to sing and dance along?

5. What is your favorite food? Chocolate. Cadbury's Chocolate.

6. What is the last thing you bought? A new pair of Nike trainers and shorts. Not that I had enough already, but when everything is 50% off it's rude to leave it...
My lovely new trainers for £20

7. Favorite book of all time? I haven't read a book by choice since I was about 12, but before then I loved the Harry Potter series. I believe the third one was my favourite but I have no clue why.

8. Favorite Color? Turqoise/Teal

9. Do you have any pets? Not any more :( In the past we've had a lot of fish, a budgie named Tikko, and two house rabbits- Twitcher and Smudger.

10. Favorite Perfume? Jimmy Choo

11. Favorite Holiday? I'm going to take the British translation of this (holiday=vacation), and say that my favourite holiday is going to Florida. I've been five times and all have been so different but so wonderful that I can't decide which was actually my favourite.

12. Are you married? Nope

13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times? I have, and I've lost count but I have it listed on this page
The countries I have been to highlighted in green
14. Do you speak any other language? Not fluently, but I have an A Level in Japanese and can still mangle some basic sentences together if needed, and can read hiragana fluently (lost most of my kanji and some of my katakana knowledge though). I also have an A grade in GCSE French and can understand a bit when reading but can't really speak it anymore.

15. How many siblings do you have? I have a sister who is three years younger than me but three inches taller :P  

16. What is your favorite shop? I'm not too sure. I used to buy a lot from Republic before it closed down. I guess I always get a lot from Primark, and I've found Tesco clothing to be really good recently. I also felt like I could buy the entirity of H&M when I was in there the other day.

17. Favorite restaurant? I really can't choose. There's a pub nearby that has a great menu and great drinks at reasonable prices, and when I'm in Wales with the family there are two restaurants that are my favourites. But if we're talking about chain restaurants, I'd go for the Harvester or Pizza Hut.

18. When was the last time you cried? I'm not too sure. I've cried out of frustration and stress a few times, but the last time I cried for a proper reason was when Smudger died last October. Oh, I lie. I cried tears of happiness when Emily was born.

19. Favorite Blog? I'm not sure. I'm a big gymnastics fan so I read a lot of gymnastics related blogs, and then just random personal blogs that I happen to come across and catch my eye. Have a look at the links in my sidebar for some of my favourites at the moment.

20. Favorite Movie? Bridesmaids. I'm not much of a film lover so I'll tend to watch the same films over and over rather than try new films.

21. Favorite TV shows? Again, I'm not much of a sit down and watch tv type of person and since I work in the evenings, I don't really get the chance to watch much. I did enjoy the first few seasons of Dance Moms but ended up getting bored of the scripted storylines.

22. PC or Mac? PC...Currently using a HP laptop.

23. What phone do you have? HTC Desire One X

24. How tall are you? 5'6

25. Can you cook? I'm not an adventurous eater so I can cook what I like to eat, just don't ask me to cook a gourmet meal :P

I tag Renee to do this tag, and if anyone else fancies it, leave me your links below so I can check them out.


  1. Love reading these kinds of tags! :) Thanks for tagging me! I'll get this done soon.

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to read your answers!