Saturday, 19 September 2015

A Throwback...Barcelona Photos

Back in April 2013 I went to Barcelona as part of a degree-related field trip, and I've just found a bunch of photos that I took. I loved the city so much and would love to go there again without the pressures of having to complete coursework whilst there, and to be able to take my DSLR camera (it just wasn't practical to lug a huge camera around whilst doing work). It was also fun to explore a new city, travel with friends and navigate around unfamiliar places and cultures without relying on my parents.
Las Ramblas- we came here again on St Georges Day and it was so crowded. St George is also the patron saint of Catalonia and it was weird to see such big celebrations for the day in comparison to in England.

The biggest strawberries in the world! At the indoor market on Las Ramblas. There was so much fresh fruit there to buy.

The view of the port from Montjuic Castle. 

The Sagrada Familia viewed from Montjuic. I never actually got to get up close to it thanks to coursework and an early flight home.

The 1992 Olympics torch outside the Olympic Stadium.

It was so cool to just be able to walk into the Olympic Stadium. My dissertation included the Barcelona Olympics so I loved being able to be there and see it for myself.

Love this view!

The view from the war bunkers behind the city. Montjuic, where many of my other photos are from, is the hill on the right of the picture.

The harbour. It was such a peaceful area to walk along and thankfully not too far away from the hostel where we stayed.

The famous W Hotel that stands out on the skyline.

On the last day we all realised we had budgeted well and had a bit of money left over, so we went to an American diner for lunch and treated ourselves to big American style milkshakes.

So there you go! Have you ever been to Barcelona? Which is your favourite picture?


  1. Some gorgeous views and that milkshake looks divine! Am I the only one who doesn't like strawberries?
    Aleeha xXx

  2. It really was a good milkshake! Aw I love strawberries :)

  3. Just stinkin' gorgeous!~ I have always wanted to go to Barcelona!!!

    1. It was a city never on my radar and I probably wouldn't have gone unless I had to go on the field trip... I loved it and want to go back again now! It's given me the bug to want to see as many European cities as possible now.