Thursday, 13 August 2015

Fun and Colourful

Amidst the chaos that has been the last two weeks (parents away and working extra hours alongside completing the final paperwork for my Level 2 Gymnastics coaching qualification), I've found the time to do a bit of crafting. I'm mostly working on my special project, which I will post pictures of by the end of the month, but I made a birthday card this week. 

It's fun and colourful, bright and cheerful. It's not the best card I've ever made, but I'll admit I didn't really have a plan for it going into it do just played with colours and embellishments until I had something passable. I love the layered flowers and the colour scheme, but I'm annoyed at the lack of birthday embellishments I own which resulted in my shameful attempt to make the balloons. Anyways, I think I'm happy with the final product purely because the colours make me smile :)

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