Sunday, 16 August 2015

Cousin Time

We met up with my cousin Dave and his daughters yesterday and fun was had by all! Well, most of us had fun. The girls have grown up so much since I last saw them and this time they were both very chatty and didn't stop to sit down the entire time!

Alyssa found the fallen apples from our apple tree and wanted to make apple pie.

Sierra loved playing on the trampoline!

Apple pie wasn't going to work so they made apple sauce instead.

The apple sauce got the seal of approval from Sierra.

Alyssa wasn't too thrilled with the wasp that was lured over by the sweet smells.
Dave wasn't as convinced that it tasted good!

The girls then managed to get my sister Katie to give them piggy backs on the trampoline.

I think we all enjoyed the afternoon and agreed we need cousin time much more often :)

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