Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Break from Routine

Now it's the school holidays, I had a couple of days off work and a much needed break from routine.

I went to Wales to spend a couple of days with the family. Sara suggested we go our for a meal at Harvey's with Sophie and Sandra. I had a lovely BBQ Chicken Ciabatta meal with an Oreo cream dessert. Miss Emily accompanied us to celebrate her 5 month birthday and was on her best behaviour, and was the waitress's favourite customer of the day!

After a couple of days in Wales, I came home for my Mum's Birthday. The rest of the family from Wales drove through horrendous holiday traffic to come and celebrate with us at home. It was Emily's first visit to our house and I think she loved it! She was so adorable in her tutu and bow- it's not hard to work out why 90% of the photos I've taken in the past 5 months are of her!
Car seat smiles after a long shopping trip.

Party time! Showing off how easy rolling over to her tummy is for her now. I love how much she loves her Tigger teddy- a present of myself and my sister in Florida last summer, just after we had found out Sophie was pregnant.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Craft Time

I'm working on a special craft project at the moment.

Yesterday I went to The Range to buy a new bin for my bedroom. Luxurious I know. I ended up spending the majority of my money raiding the crafting section. The Range does seem to be one of the best local places that I've found for crafting supplies at a reasonable value. 

I ended up falling victim to the £1 bins. I got 4 packs of letter stickers (upper and lower case in silver and gold), 2 ribbons (yellow polka dots and lilac/mint chevrons), a bunting stamp and a pack of multi coloured flowers. I also picked up double sided sticky stickers to use instead of glue- so far these have worked wonders and I'm really pleased I've found them.

My final purchase was a 8x8 purple butterfly scrapbook for £9.99. This will be how my special little project is presented so I'm pleased with myself for finding this. 

Hopefully I'm all set with supplies now to finish off the project!