Friday, 20 March 2015


live on a bit of a boring road. It's always takes something big to get people out of their houses and communicating with each other. In the 20 years I've lived here, I only remember people being out during the World Cup, an earthquake and when some teenagers set fire to someone's hedge. Well, we can now add another reason to that list- the solar eclipse. I am proud to announce that I wasn't the only resident of my road in their garden in their pyjamas this morning... Only I stayed in my back garden and others took to their front gardens and the streets to view the phenomenon. 

This is the best photo I could get- I used the Nikon D3100, with the 55-200mm lense. It was hurting my eyes to actually look through the lens too much so I ended up just pointing it towards the sun and just pressing the shutter. It was all a bit spontaneous, so if I had actually planned to be taking photos I'd have tried to find some sort of tripod or monopod to get better pictures.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Missing Disney

My parents have just booked to go on a beach break to Florida this summer, which in turn has made me go through one of my missing Disney/Florida phases. I've found myself roaming Disney forums, watching videos on YouTube and pricing up Disney holidays and cruises for this year, even though I have absolutely no money spare (ugh the £500 I spent on a gymnastics coaching course this morning could pay for half a Florida trip) and no-one to go with either.

 Looks like my two night stay in Liverpool at the end of the month will be the peak of my travels this year. How exotic.