Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve

It's fair to say that Christmas Eve this year has been a lot better than last year- no hospitals in sight! Today we've watched 3 Die Hard films, the Grinch and Fiddler on the Roof whilst preparing everything for the big day. All food has been bought, the table is set and presents have been wrapped and left by the tree. We watched the children next door put out their magical reindeer food for Santa and it made me think of Christmas Eve traditions in the past.

There were the years of going to a Christingle Service followed by a small party with my close friends. I remember my Dad phoning us from work whilst we were refusing to go home from a party to tell us he'd just seen Santas sleigh in a nearby field so we were to go to bed straight away. It actually worked. There were also the years where we'd go to the cinema to watch a Christmas film, sometimes with a trip to McDonald's or KFC on the way home when I'd proudly announce that I hadn't actually got my sister a present yet. Tracking Santas journey across the world was something I did every year- though I'm not sure if it was the Christmas lover or the Geography geek in me that liked the extended map studying of the day more. More recently the evenings have been spent with friends at the pub or relaxing at home with a glass of wine or a Baileys Hot Chocolate.

Every year seemed to always end the same way- leaving the tray of beer, mince pies and carrots out for Santa next to our stockings (photo above from Christmas 1998). Waking up the next morning to a demolished tray of food and empty alcohol glasses plus full stockings always resulted in two happy girls on Christmas Morning!

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