Monday, 10 November 2014

Happy 21st Sara!

2014 has been a big year for our family with a number of 'big' birthdays and anniversarys all taking place this year- 3 21sts, an 18th, an 85th, a 30th wedding anniversary. Our trip to Florida was our combined celebration of all these occasions, but it hasn't stopped us celebrating each event closer to the date!

The most recent celebration was for my cousin Sara's 21st Birthday. We travelled over to Wales on the morning of her Birthday to spend the day with her, and it was lovely to see so many family members visiting and having a good time together. She was deservedly spoiled on her special day as her boyfriend treated her with tickets to Paris next Spring!

In the evening, there was a big party for all family and friends. Lots of fun was had and now we don't get to celebrate another family 21st Birthday for another 3 years! Sadly, the photos of the night weren't that good because guess which idiot forgot her camera so had to rely on her phone?

The Birthday girl and her mum.

Stopping for a quick selfie as we demolished the buffet!

A nice photo of the 4 (5!) of us.