Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Sweet Little Smudger

It's taken me a while to actually feel like writing this post but here goes. My sweet little rabbit Smudger died last Saturday, just 2 weeks short of his 6th birthday. He was the cutest, most funniest little thing and I'm so thankful for the nearly 6 years of love and happiness he gave us and allowed us to give him.                                          

As he was a house rabbit from the age of 9 weeks old, he has left quite the mark on the house and it's impossible to go through a day without doing something he would usually be involved in. We counted that over the last few years he has been responsible for a broken phone, broken laptop, a broken wire for expensive headphones, the need to re wallpaper the living room and the need to re carpet the conservatory.

On the day after he died, I couldn't bring myself to go downstairs because there are too many things that remind me of him. It's horrible driving home from work at night and not having his little brown eyes coming running over to you. It's weird to be able to leave a plate of food on the floor without it being investigated by him. It's odd to be able to light a candle and leave it on the harth without worrying that he'll singe his whiskers (trust me, it happened more than once- he never learnt!). I can now hear the dog next door barking without worrying about where Smudge is and if it's scaring him. I don't have to worry about how warm the conservatory is for him and how many windows need to be opened. And I'll have to take a lot less allergy tablets!

 He was such a beautiful boy and we have so many photos and videos to remember him by. Thanks little bright eyes, for all the happiness you gave us. There's definitely a hole in the family now.

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