Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Kids say the funniest things

At the moment, I'm coaching gymnastics for 16 hours a week and I'm having some absolute gems of conversations with the kids. Some are too good/cute to be forgotten, so here are some of the best I've had in my first two weeks of coaching. I seem to notice a theme with some of them (and I think I like it).

6 year old child- 'I'm not in a happy mood today. I'm just in one of those moods where I'll do what I want'.
Me (thinking to myself)- 'I can tell. You haven't listened to me for the last 20 minutes'.

7 year old- 'The new coach is so strict. She makes us do really hard stuff'
Other 7 year old- 'No. Well she is a bit strict. But she's being nice by being strict. I mean, she wants us to be the best gymnasts we can be so she's being hard on us'
Me (thinking to myself again)- 'Well, at least one of them gets it'.

8 year old- 'Hollie, how old are your grandkids?'
Me- 'How old do you think I am?'

Coach- 'Hollie, I've blocked your car in the car park, I'll move it later'
12 year old gymnast- 'What? Hollie drives? I didn't think she was old enough to drive!'

8 year old- 'Why don't you want to have kids?'
Me- 'Huh? I do want to have kids'
8 year old- 'So why don't you have any? I mean, you're like 18 aren't you?'*
Me- 'I'm 21, and I do want kids in the future I'm just not ready in any way for them yet'.
*You have to wonder if its a sign of the times if a kid thinks no kids at the age of 18 is a negative thing :(

9 year old boy- 'I don't like football, football is for girls'
Me (thinking to myself)- 'Well that's the first time I've heard it that way round'

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