Sunday, 21 September 2014

A Touch of Autumn

Back in the summer of 2012, we helped to plan a Hen Party for my lovely cousin Sophie, and we ended up doing a wonderful garden party for her (I'm sure I said I'd blog about it, but I never did). At the same time, my mum was off work for a while after a surgery so she kept herself busy by making summer themed bunting for the hen party with the assistance of my nan. Since the hen party, the bunting has been bought out for a number of parties, and gained a permanent place in the conservatory after we took the Christmas decorations down at the start of the year. We loved how the bright colours made us look forward to Spring and Summer and stopped the house feeling 'empty' when the Christmas decorations were packed away.

Fast forward to now and Autumn is starting to arrive here in the UK. We figured that we couldn't get away with having the brightly coloured bunting up any longer so guess what? My nan came to the rescue and made us Autumn coloured bunting to brighten up the house. I love it!

I think we need to start picking out material for the Christmas themed bunting that we're going to need now!

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