Sunday, 20 July 2014

Officially a Graduate!

Earlier this week, I became a graduate! It was an exciting day if not a little stressful. I had travelled up to uni at the start of the week to watch some of my friends graduate, but my family were travelling up in two cars on the morning of the ceremony. Unfortunately, there was awful traffic on the motorway and what is usually a journey that takes 1 hour took close to 2 hours. They arrived just in time to watch the ceremony; only my parents were allowed in, but my grandparents, sister and her boyfriend watched on the live video links around campus. I was pretty happy to not fall over whilst walking up to the Chancellor- 6 months ago I couldn't walk, but this week I graduated whilst wearing 4 inch heels (New Look, my dress was from H&M).
My fantastic shoes which I bought whilst I was on crutches as in incentive to get walking again soon!

After the ceremony, there were the obligatory photos with every combination of family members that was possible, as well as all the friends that I could pick out of the crowd of people all wearing the same hats! We attended the drinks reception at the Geography Building then headed off to a local restaurant for a meal. It was our first time visiting the restaurant but all 7 of us were pleased with our meal :) 
Selfie time with the parents.

It was a very exhausting day for all of us, but I can now officially call myself a graduate and I couldn't be prouder.

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