Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My Final Year as a Student- In Pictures!

I've blogged sporadically throughout my final year at uni, but I thought I'd round it off with a picture from each month of the academic year.

1) September- I moved back to uni at the end of September but didn't actually have lectures until the start of October. This is the pathway from my halls of residence to the rest of campus and I just love how the sun finds its way through the trees on an Autumn afternoon.

 2) October- The hard work kicked in. Quite often I'd find myself with the flat to myself on Sunday's so I'd move myself into the kitchen for the day and work there as a change of scenery. Being close to the kettle for unlimited amounts of caffeine was also a plus! A team trip to a buffet restaurant, a trip to Wales and fun with my housemates and ex-housemates made it a busy month.

 3) November- November was a busy month. I had two trampolining competitions and a lot of deadlines to fulfil. The month was topped off with the Ball for our Athletic Union. We have two Balls a year and this is my favourite dress yet!

4) December- Another trampolining competition (successfully competed a new level for the first time) then breaking my ankle 5 days later. Also mixed in December were uni deadlines, Christmas meals, hospital appointments and December was rounded out with surgery on New Year's Eve.

5) January- January was all about exams and recovering from surgery, all while I was on crutches. My friend Jazz sent me this card and it made me laugh so much. She knows me too well! (Jazz is my wine drinking buddy and we try to meet once a month or so for a wine and chocolate night).

6) February- I was so disappointed to miss my team trip to Edinburgh because of my ankle, but instead I spent the weekend at home celebrating my sister's 18th Birthday. A lot of February was spent writing my dissertation with my foot in a bucket of ice water and watching the Winter Olympics. This picture is taken at a social- it was the first time I left my flat without crutches in over 2 months! My team were doing a Cowboys and Indians pub golf but I knew I couldn't walk that far so agreed to join them at the bar closest to my flat.

7) March- March was largely focused upon finishing my dissertation and waking up with daily deadlines of how many words needed to be written. Life was made a lot easier by being able to walk again! I accompanied my team at a trampolining competition and it killed me being there but not being able to compete. I reached the magical 12 weeks post surgery status a few days before our varsity competition (also my dissertation deadline) so I competed basic routines for my team. Our university were the overall winners of varsity and at the end of the celebration party, I got my hands on the big trophy.


8) April- Most of April was spent at home revising for my last exam and working on my last few deadlines. My last exam was on the same day as the 10th Anniversary of Mean Girls being released, so I quite proudly wore a pink tshirt all day. This picture was taken on my last ever trampolining social where I was dressed as Hollie the Hawaiian. 

9) May- I handed in my last piece of uni work on 8th May, then this picture was taken on the celebration night for third years. My time in May was spent jointly between home and uni due to commitments in both places, but I enjoyed the guilt free feeling of having no work left to do- particularly getting to spend time with friends around our pretty campus.

10) June- I went back to uni one final time for our big end of year festival. I have access to my room until a few days after my graduation but I moved the majority of my stuff back home at the start of June. It was so sad to take down my decorations and pack everything up!

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