Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Is it Thursday yet?

So the World Cup in Brazil starts on Thursday and as usual pubs across the country are smothered in England flags (and sometimes British flags, what's all that about? Britain don't even have a current football team. I digress...). The best/most standout attempt I've seen to get some excitement for the tournament going was hearing Brazilian Samba music playing in Tesco next to a bunch of England flags.

It's become a bit of a family tradition to do football sweepstakes for major football tournaments and this World Cup is no exception. As usual, I haven't really got my hopes up for winning but I've done remarkably better than usual in the four teams I picked out- I might actually have a team or two that gets out of the group stages! So is it Thursday yet?

Smudger joined in with picking the teams out, and was downright smug when he picked out Brazil (yes, the rabbit picked out his own teams- our family is not normal). 

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