Sunday, 22 June 2014

I Did It!

Degree results were posted on Friday and I'm proud and relieved to say that I did it! I got a 2:1 degree with Honours! I honestly could not be happier and it took all the willpower I have to not run up and down the street shouting about it and letting everyone know.

Sadly I couldn't start the celebrations straight away as I had a dance show rehearsal (I haven't mentioned my dancing on here yet- I'll post about it later) so I put a bottle of wine that I'd saved from my 21st Birthday in the fridge to chill.  I stopped off at the shops on the way home to buy some treats for myself (aka lots of Cadbury's chocolate) and by the time I got home my Mum had the wine poured and celebrations began. We ended up walking over to my Grandparent's house where they were all too happy to get another bottle or two out to celebrate- though the majority of that wine ended up all over the kitchen walls and ceiling thanks to a flying cork and the ensuing explosions of wine! After we got home again we Facetimed with the family in Wales where they were also drinking wine in celebration.

We ended up staying up fairly late considering everyone had to be up early the next morning for various commitments, but it was totally worth it- you only get your degree results once!

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