Wednesday, 25 June 2014

1 Month to Go!

As I was reading blogs the other day, I noticed a few people sharing their favourite holiday destinations and their future holiday plans. Well, we go on holiday in a month's time and we have plans. Big plans.

11 people + 18 nights + 7 bedroom villa + minivan + the happiest place on earth= Chaos and fun!

Epcot during my last trip in 2009.
That's right, there's a group of 11 of us travelling to Florida in a month's time. All of us have been to Florida before- some only once, but some have been at least 7 times so are Florida veterans. The majority of the arrangements are in place although we are waiting for new passports to arrive and we need to work out which rides we are going to get fastpasses for. It's shaping up to be amazing.

Me and my little sister on our first trip back in 2002.

The idea for this holiday came around a few years ago when we realised that there were a number of 'big' family Birthday's happening in the same year. We booked the villa last August after searching through thousands of villas, then the flights were booked in February this year. Car hire has been sorted, park tickets acquired, ESTA's completed, new suitcases bought and money has been saved.

My cousins Sophie and Sara, myself and my little sister in 2004.

With only one month to go, everyone is getting super excited. We've been using a really helpful Disney website and forum to help us with the planning. Many people would be daunted at travelling in such a large group but we all get along so well it's never been a problem before. Also, I've never gone in a group of less than 8 so it's all I'm used to. I'll do my best to blog the trip while we're there but with all the fun we have planned, I doubt I'll have much spare time to sit down and write. Exciting times.

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