Thursday, 8 May 2014

This is it

After what can only be described as a couple of false starts, I'm happy to say I've finally completed my undergraduate degree! I say false starts because it feels like I've been *so* close to being finished for so long and this day has taken forever to arrive. We celebrated our dissertations being finished in March, we've celebrated the last lectures and last week we got to celebrate the last exams. But we weren't finished yet since there were two assignments still to be completed this week. Honestly the motivation to work this week had hit an all time low (especially with such beautiful weather outside) but with the aid of a bit of cookie dough ice cream and re-discovering iced tea (homemade and all), I powered through and finished my final essay last night.

Freedom feels good. Strange but good. It was nice to go out for lunch with a friend to celebrate and be able to sit and talk for hours without feeling guilty. I'm going to take a couple of days to relax, catch up on sleep, hang with friends and tie up loose ends with the trampolining club before handing over to next years club captains. Then the job hunt begins. But right now, I'm happy and I think I'll sleep well tonight!

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