Sunday, 25 May 2014

An Artsy Day

Over the last few years I've enjoyed crafting, despite being one of the least imaginative and arty people I know. I'm pretty sure my mum used to tell me that the only subjects at school where she didn't mind how I did were art and technology! Even looking back as far as my school report from year 3, art was the subject that was behind all the others. My nan has always enjoyed this kind of thing; she's always knitting, sewing or card making and would always let us help her whenever we were at her house. This year, my nan and grandad bought me lots of craft stuff for Christmas to add to my collection. However, with the whole ankle situation and the last few months of my degree, I just haven't had time to sit down and actually do anything with it all. This has all changed this week! 

The first project was to restore a photo montage I made a few years ago. Most of the photos had become unstuck and would fly everywhere when the wind caught them. So after about an hours work, the photos were all restuck with some pretty embellishments added to fill in the gaps and tie it all together. I also made a scrapbook page using my souvenirs from the Welsh Cup Final last May. Today's project was making thank you cards for my committee this year, and I'm pleased with how well they've turned out considering I kept it very simple.

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