Sunday, 25 May 2014

An Artsy Day

Over the last few years I've enjoyed crafting, despite being one of the least imaginative and arty people I know. I'm pretty sure my mum used to tell me that the only subjects at school where she didn't mind how I did were art and technology! Even looking back as far as my school report from year 3, art was the subject that was behind all the others. My nan has always enjoyed this kind of thing; she's always knitting, sewing or card making and would always let us help her whenever we were at her house. This year, my nan and grandad bought me lots of craft stuff for Christmas to add to my collection. However, with the whole ankle situation and the last few months of my degree, I just haven't had time to sit down and actually do anything with it all. This has all changed this week! 

The first project was to restore a photo montage I made a few years ago. Most of the photos had become unstuck and would fly everywhere when the wind caught them. So after about an hours work, the photos were all restuck with some pretty embellishments added to fill in the gaps and tie it all together. I also made a scrapbook page using my souvenirs from the Welsh Cup Final last May. Today's project was making thank you cards for my committee this year, and I'm pleased with how well they've turned out considering I kept it very simple.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Achievement of the Day

The other day I posted about how I'd finally beaten the '2048' game once I had a little more time on my hands. Well, today I have another achievement- I finally got all 197 countries of Sporcle's Countries of the World game. I guess it's a good job I did a Geography degree!


Monday, 12 May 2014

The First Days of Freedom

These first few days of being work free have been beautiful! Well, not weather wise, it hasn't stopped raining. But I just love the feeling of being able to do something without the sensible side of my head telling me to get my work done.

We have scrabble magnets on our fridge and me and my flatmates have taken to leaving messages on there. On Thursday, I had to laugh at what I was greeted with when I found my 'Good Luck in Exams' message had been changed. Looks like my flatmates are in the same boat as me and haven't got a clue what their post-uni plans are!

On Friday we had a big night out at the students union where all third year students got in for free. It was nice to see everyone out, relaxed and celebrating our achievements of the last three years. I love this picture of me and my best friend Jazz- the top one is from our first year and the bottom one is from Friday night. Oh how we've grown!
She also came round to my flat on Saturday night to watch Eurovision together. Many laughs were shared and many memories were made.

Obviously time well spent, finally completing the game '2048'. Lots of patience and practice were needed!

Saturday morning was spent playing a charity touch rugby tournament whilst mildly hungover in the rain. I've always known that I have a competitive side, but I never realised that I was that competitive! The number of people I managed to knock over surprised me (I'll blame it on the rain making the grass slippy) and I may have actually caused an injury. Whoops. Anyways, our team lost all the games but walked away without injury, I struggled to move without pain yesterday and lots of money was raised for charity. I'll call that a success. (btw, how do abs get sore from playing rugby?)

I spent yesterday afternoon at the students union watching the final day of the Premiership season. As a Manchester United fan, I wasn't overly interested in the results (whatever happened, it was their worst season in my lifetime) but went there because there was nothing else better to do and it's always a fun atmosphere there. They played the Manchester City match on the big screen, so my friends took their laptops and got the Liverpool and Chelsea matches on there, while my iPad had the live scores coming up from the BBC Sport website. Talk about dedication!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

This is it

After what can only be described as a couple of false starts, I'm happy to say I've finally completed my undergraduate degree! I say false starts because it feels like I've been *so* close to being finished for so long and this day has taken forever to arrive. We celebrated our dissertations being finished in March, we've celebrated the last lectures and last week we got to celebrate the last exams. But we weren't finished yet since there were two assignments still to be completed this week. Honestly the motivation to work this week had hit an all time low (especially with such beautiful weather outside) but with the aid of a bit of cookie dough ice cream and re-discovering iced tea (homemade and all), I powered through and finished my final essay last night.

Freedom feels good. Strange but good. It was nice to go out for lunch with a friend to celebrate and be able to sit and talk for hours without feeling guilty. I'm going to take a couple of days to relax, catch up on sleep, hang with friends and tie up loose ends with the trampolining club before handing over to next years club captains. Then the job hunt begins. But right now, I'm happy and I think I'll sleep well tonight!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Photography #6 Elderly Couple in Love

Thanks to the joys of the final year of my degree, I haven't been going out of my way to use my camera. In fact, my camera has stayed at home for most of the year and has only been with me in uni when I know there's a special event that I'll need it for.

As I mentioned in a previous post, while I was at home for Easter we went for a walk over the hills with my Grandparents.  They have both given us their fair share of health scares this year and you can clearly see the love they have for each other in how they look after and support each other through the scares. This one particular picture makes me smile every time I see it. They are very stubborn and want to do everything they used to do, so when me and my mum were walking, they insisted on following us at their own pace with their walking sticks! It brings back all my childhood memories of walking over the hills with them on a Friday night.