Sunday, 27 April 2014

Easter Shenanigans

Tomorrow is the end of a 3 week Easter break from uni. The next 2 weeks are make or break for my degree but then I'm free from education forever! I've managed to have fun over Easter and squeeze in a little bit of photography as well as getting my work done. Every year, I try to take pictures of Smudge at Easter time. He wasn't really in the mood for pictures but this is by far my favourite picture of him (taken with the D3100).

I went home for 2 weeks when the rest of the family were on break too. Me and mum made the most of the nice weather and light evenings and got into the habit of trying to go for a walk every day to prepare for Florida- my current record is walking 3 miles without complaining. We even went for a walk over the hills and were very surprised when my Grandparents joined in the walk, walking sticks and all! It was lovely to see how many people they made smile that day. I'm also pleased to report that I've started to go to the gym again regularly and my ankle seems to be holding up well and getting stronger every day. 

Since my dissertation has been handed in, I've been to Wales 4 times to watch football. It's been the craziest season for us, from the crazy highs of winning in Europe to barely escaping relegation but I've loved every minute of supporting the team both on and off the pitch. I believe I've made it to 7 home games and 2 away games (1 for these was less than 24 hours after coming out of surgery) in the league this year, not bad considering I don't live in the same country!  It was an extremely odd night at the clubhouse after the final game. No one seemed to know whether to celebrate survival or be depressed at finishing so low in the table. Nevertheless, a lot of alcohol got consumed that night and I've come home from football with mysterious bruises all over my legs again.

The family from Wales came down to visit us for a few days. We can get pretty rowdy when we're together and it was very entertaining, if a little challenging, to have the 11 of us staying in a 3 bedroom house. We got the train into the city for the afternoon to go shopping and have a meal, and thankfully it was still warm and dry when we got home so we had fun in the garden playing football. When it got cooler, the girls had a family viewing of Frozen while the guys went to the pub. This was my third time watching it and I swear it gets better every time I watch it. 

I'm now back at uni (procrastinating, naturally) ready to make the most of my last few weeks of student life. Let the job search commence! 

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