Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Dealing With a Broken Ankle

 When I moved into my room at uni last September, I had a small first aid kit- painkillers, deep heat, flu sachets, allergy tablets etc. Since I broke my ankle, I've accumulated quite the amount of medical supplies and have had to move out of the first aid bag and into the draw next to my bed. So to have it on record, here's what the draw currently looks like:              

On the top row: 
Cycling gloves- my dad gave these to me when I started to get blisters from my crutches. Crutching is hard enough without having blisters inside blisters.
Paracetamol/ibuprofen- ideal for any part of the injury and rehab process
Savlon- for the blisters that come from crutches and on the bad foot when starting to wear shoes again

Bottom row:
Talc- for the dry skin that comes from not being able to wash the foot properly, and I also used this on my hands.
Nivea lotion- for moisturising the bad foot after 6 weeks of being in a cast/boot
Radian B heat spray- the less smelly version of deep heat, good for any secondary aches and pains from the crutches (used mostly on my hips and back)
Bio oil- to help heal the scar
Ankle support- I just bought a cheap one from Superdrug but it does the trick- I only wear it if I know there's going to be lots of standing around or walking on uneven surfaces.
2x rolls of white athletic tape- I used this to tape my ankle when I first started doing sport again after the injury. I preferred this to a regular ankle support because I could tape as tight as I needed and could provide more support where it was needed.
2x rolls of pre-wrap- for underneath the athletic tape.
3x zinc oxide tape- I always have this tape available instead of using plasters so it's not an injury specific thing, injury wise I only really use this to hold pre wrap in place if it won't stick.
Crepe bandage- my mum bought this for me, I've only used it once but it seemed really supportive.

Despite having all of this, I've honestly found that the best thing for helping to heal the ankle is sitting with it in a bucket of cold water for 15-20 minutes, especially after being active on my ankle. I spent many hours writing my dissertation whilst having my foot in freezing cold water! 

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