Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Thankful for Disney

My dissertation is due in in two days and its still not finished, so this is a procrastination blog post. I'm now 12 weeks post surgery so everything seems back to normal. My foot doesn't hurt too much but you can definitely tell that there's been an injury there.

I went home on Monday night and drove my car back to uni yesterday. My foot was actually in pretty good shape after motorway driving for the first time in ages. It was also nice to go to training this morning without intending to spend the entire time in the cripple corner. Bouncing felt ok with my ankle taped up and I'm being super careful and going to give it another week before I think about doing somersaults. I also ran for the first time today during warm ups- 1 slow lap around the sports hall was enough!

Our varsity competition is tomorrow and I'm the main organiser of it. I thought I was well-organised for it having everything sorted weeks ago, but as always things have occurred this week which have totally stressed me out and nearly resulted in mental breakdown. I'm a firm believer that a little bit of Disney always makes things better so I'm sat here writing a literature review and listening to Disney music (as well as the thought of going to Disneyworld this summer keeping me going). I'm now determined to get my dissertation finished today so I can fully enjoy the varsity hype tomorrow. And maybe even have time to go food shopping since I literally have no food left. Oh the joys of student life.

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