Friday, 21 March 2014

Happy Days

The last 48 hours have easily been the best of the year so far. After about 9 hours of solid work on Wednesday afternoon, at 10 pm my dissertation was finished! I think a bottle of wine was opened at 10.01 pm to celebrate. I finished off the contents page yesterday morning then got it printed out- all 10,416 words of it. It was such a relief to have it all handed in, especially handing it in over 24 hours before the deadline! 

Last night was our unofficial varsity competition. As a club captain, I had been one of the main organisers of the event and I can honestly say that this was the most nervous I've ever been for a competition- not for the competing, just hoping that it all goes to plan and that there would be no drama! After all the ankle drama of the last 3 months, I wanted to be able to compete 1 more time, so I competed in the lower category doing the most simple routines I've ever competed. I got through 2 routines but they weren't the best. But I did get a shiny silver medal! The screw in my ankle now has a 100% medal record in competitions :P

When I wasn't competing, I was a tariff judge, which meant I had to work out the difficulty score of each routine. This was fine until people messed up and were just adding in crazy skills everywhere! When the final scored were tallied up, we won 50-9, taking a clean sweep of the medals in the lower category and getting 1st and 3rd in the higher category. Talk about a proud moment! The adrenaline had kicked in so much I drank Strongbow out of the trophy, even though I haven't drunk cider in about 2 years! It was 10pm by the time we were finished so we left the trophy on the desk in the sports office with a note to say we'd won- it was a nice surprise for them this morning :) I think I was awake until about 2am this morning thanks to the adrenaline rush refusing to calm down.

Happy days.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Thankful for Disney

My dissertation is due in in two days and its still not finished, so this is a procrastination blog post. I'm now 12 weeks post surgery so everything seems back to normal. My foot doesn't hurt too much but you can definitely tell that there's been an injury there.

I went home on Monday night and drove my car back to uni yesterday. My foot was actually in pretty good shape after motorway driving for the first time in ages. It was also nice to go to training this morning without intending to spend the entire time in the cripple corner. Bouncing felt ok with my ankle taped up and I'm being super careful and going to give it another week before I think about doing somersaults. I also ran for the first time today during warm ups- 1 slow lap around the sports hall was enough!

Our varsity competition is tomorrow and I'm the main organiser of it. I thought I was well-organised for it having everything sorted weeks ago, but as always things have occurred this week which have totally stressed me out and nearly resulted in mental breakdown. I'm a firm believer that a little bit of Disney always makes things better so I'm sat here writing a literature review and listening to Disney music (as well as the thought of going to Disneyworld this summer keeping me going). I'm now determined to get my dissertation finished today so I can fully enjoy the varsity hype tomorrow. And maybe even have time to go food shopping since I literally have no food left. Oh the joys of student life.

Friday, 14 March 2014

A Broken Ankle by Numbers

3 months
6 x rays
4 casts
2 sets of crutches
2 nights in hospital
1 boot
1 surgery
1 screw in my ankle
countless hours in a hospital waiting room
and much more patience than I ever thought I had

13/12/13 and 13/3/14

I think I can say that things are pretty much back to normal now. I got discharged from the hospital nearly 2 weeks ago (apparently my x rays are perfect) and haven't used crutches for a little longer than that. There's some pain in the foot but I think its just from the getting used to walking again and getting the full range of mobility back- it's nothing an ice pack won't sort out. I'm allowed to drive again and I was actually allowed to train at trampolining this week. It felt so good!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Another Week Stronger

This week there haven't been as many big milestones in the recovery process, but I'm definitely noticing my ankle becoming stronger every day! This weeks moments to record:

- Been using just one crutch all week
- Been boot-free for over a week
- Walked home from the sports centre without crutches
- Full flexibility when flexing feet, about 1 inch off full flexibility when pointing feet
- After doing lots of toe raises this week, I've just about got the strength to rise on the bad foot alone!
- My calf is sore from regaining the muscle I lost
- Been out the flat every day this week

That's all I can remember at the moment. It's now March which means my dissertation is due this month so I'm spending pretty much all my time soldiering on with that. Happy St David's Day!