Friday, 14 February 2014

The Tale of the Firsts

Exciting news at last! Well, boring for most people but its exciting for someone who hasn't stood on 2 legs for over 8 weeks! As of Monday this week (6 weeks post op), I was allowed to start partially weight bearing and adding movement to my own pain tolerance! Its 10 times easier to crutch around campus when you can actually put 2 feet on the floor. Who knew? I'm loving all the 'firsts' that come with the rehab process. Again, exciting for people who have gone through the surgery process, but I think most people are bored of my excitement about doing the most simple things. I mean, the 1st 2 footed shower was just heavenly!

On Wednesday we had team photos. I went over to the sports centre in the heaviest torrential rain I've ever experienced being outside in in this country. You could literally wring out my boot, it was that wet. Thankfully, I'd taken my spare trainer so my shoes were matching in the picture (that would have been a fun one to explain to future generations)- it was the first time I'd worn a pair of shoes in nearly 9 weeks! I also put the crutches down for a bit so it was the first time other people had seen me walk (I use the term 'walk' lightly- it was more of a penguin waddle/limp) since I got on that trampoline on that fateful night in December.

I've been walking on 2 feet around the flat all week but my achilles has been very tight which has meant I've been struggling to get the flexibility in my ankle that is needed to walk normally. I've been trying to stretch it out, but I have very little patience. The Dr said that if my ankle is still tight in 3 weeks, we'll do physio, but it is doubtful I need it. I just need to remember that the Dr is expecting it to still be tight in 3 weeks, when I'm annoyed that its tight after 3 days! I went to training yesterday, because I knew a qualified physio was there. She gave me a few exercises to do and taught me how to get the proper feeling of walking back, so while everyone else was training, I worked bloody hard on those exercises. Another 1st- I turned down a lift home because I'm comfortable enough getting round campus (within reason) now!

The difference in my foot today after a few physio stretches is incredible. My big task for today was to go out without the boot on for the first time. I also did the stairs without crutches! I also arrived at lectures not sweating and out of breath for the first time which was nice, and I also didn't sit at the front with my leg out for the 1st time this semester. However, my foot was getting quite painful towards the end since it had been tucked up under the desk for nearly 2 hours, and I had been doing some sneaky stretches during the lecture. During the next 2 hour lecture, I made sure I was sat at the end where I could stick my leg out and took a few ibuprofen to control the pain. I also went on my 1st voluntary trip- to the shop to get some chocolate to celebrate my progess this week :P

It's Friday night. It's Valentines Day. I'm a student. Yet I couldn't be happier just to walk in circles around my kitchen. It's the little things.

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