Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Olympic Fever Has Kicked In

My family are pretty big sports fans so naturally we're enjoying the Winter Olympics in Sochi at the moment. I've managed to build in some daily Olympic watching into my dissertation writing schedule and I can definitely say I have 3 favourite sports from Sochi- Figure Skating, Ice Hockey and Curling! Since Great Britain is actually half-decent at curling compared to other winter sports, curling fever has taken over the nation and there's been lots of pictures flying around Twitter and the tv of people imitating curling. I've been at home this week while the family are on half term break from school and work, so we just had to have a go ourselves. It must have been quite a sight to see me with a broom going up and down the hall with a bad ankle!
The gold candle holder is the target, the plastic plates were bought out after Plan A of using saucepans with a tea towel around the bottom didn't work!

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