Friday, 21 February 2014

More Firsts

Just a quick update thanks to the final semester workload kicking in! This weeks 'firsts' include:

-On Monday I walked from the library to the shop to buy lunch without crutches! It hurt which tells me I'm not totally strong enough to be crutchless for longer distances just yet.

-On Wednesday I went on the exercise bike- my 1st non-hopping excerise in 10 weeks.

-I walked round a shopping centre (with crutches) on Wednesday without too much pain.

-On Thursday I stood and gently bounced on a trampoline! I only intended to walk on it as a physio type of exercise to strengthen my foot on an uneven surface but as soon as I got on there I had the urge to bounce. I didn't try too hard, but it felt great to bounce again and my foot felt fine afterwards!

-A fun one- I went to lectures in 'normal' clothes today! I've been to all my lectures in trackies so far because I've found that trainers are the best support for my feet, but today I was in leggings and uggs!

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