Friday, 21 February 2014

More Firsts

Just a quick update thanks to the final semester workload kicking in! This weeks 'firsts' include:

-On Monday I walked from the library to the shop to buy lunch without crutches! It hurt which tells me I'm not totally strong enough to be crutchless for longer distances just yet.

-On Wednesday I went on the exercise bike- my 1st non-hopping excerise in 10 weeks.

-I walked round a shopping centre (with crutches) on Wednesday without too much pain.

-On Thursday I stood and gently bounced on a trampoline! I only intended to walk on it as a physio type of exercise to strengthen my foot on an uneven surface but as soon as I got on there I had the urge to bounce. I didn't try too hard, but it felt great to bounce again and my foot felt fine afterwards!

-A fun one- I went to lectures in 'normal' clothes today! I've been to all my lectures in trackies so far because I've found that trainers are the best support for my feet, but today I was in leggings and uggs!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Olympic Fever Has Kicked In

My family are pretty big sports fans so naturally we're enjoying the Winter Olympics in Sochi at the moment. I've managed to build in some daily Olympic watching into my dissertation writing schedule and I can definitely say I have 3 favourite sports from Sochi- Figure Skating, Ice Hockey and Curling! Since Great Britain is actually half-decent at curling compared to other winter sports, curling fever has taken over the nation and there's been lots of pictures flying around Twitter and the tv of people imitating curling. I've been at home this week while the family are on half term break from school and work, so we just had to have a go ourselves. It must have been quite a sight to see me with a broom going up and down the hall with a bad ankle!
The gold candle holder is the target, the plastic plates were bought out after Plan A of using saucepans with a tea towel around the bottom didn't work!

Friday, 14 February 2014

The Tale of the Firsts

Exciting news at last! Well, boring for most people but its exciting for someone who hasn't stood on 2 legs for over 8 weeks! As of Monday this week (6 weeks post op), I was allowed to start partially weight bearing and adding movement to my own pain tolerance! Its 10 times easier to crutch around campus when you can actually put 2 feet on the floor. Who knew? I'm loving all the 'firsts' that come with the rehab process. Again, exciting for people who have gone through the surgery process, but I think most people are bored of my excitement about doing the most simple things. I mean, the 1st 2 footed shower was just heavenly!

On Wednesday we had team photos. I went over to the sports centre in the heaviest torrential rain I've ever experienced being outside in in this country. You could literally wring out my boot, it was that wet. Thankfully, I'd taken my spare trainer so my shoes were matching in the picture (that would have been a fun one to explain to future generations)- it was the first time I'd worn a pair of shoes in nearly 9 weeks! I also put the crutches down for a bit so it was the first time other people had seen me walk (I use the term 'walk' lightly- it was more of a penguin waddle/limp) since I got on that trampoline on that fateful night in December.

I've been walking on 2 feet around the flat all week but my achilles has been very tight which has meant I've been struggling to get the flexibility in my ankle that is needed to walk normally. I've been trying to stretch it out, but I have very little patience. The Dr said that if my ankle is still tight in 3 weeks, we'll do physio, but it is doubtful I need it. I just need to remember that the Dr is expecting it to still be tight in 3 weeks, when I'm annoyed that its tight after 3 days! I went to training yesterday, because I knew a qualified physio was there. She gave me a few exercises to do and taught me how to get the proper feeling of walking back, so while everyone else was training, I worked bloody hard on those exercises. Another 1st- I turned down a lift home because I'm comfortable enough getting round campus (within reason) now!

The difference in my foot today after a few physio stretches is incredible. My big task for today was to go out without the boot on for the first time. I also did the stairs without crutches! I also arrived at lectures not sweating and out of breath for the first time which was nice, and I also didn't sit at the front with my leg out for the 1st time this semester. However, my foot was getting quite painful towards the end since it had been tucked up under the desk for nearly 2 hours, and I had been doing some sneaky stretches during the lecture. During the next 2 hour lecture, I made sure I was sat at the end where I could stick my leg out and took a few ibuprofen to control the pain. I also went on my 1st voluntary trip- to the shop to get some chocolate to celebrate my progess this week :P

It's Friday night. It's Valentines Day. I'm a student. Yet I couldn't be happier just to walk in circles around my kitchen. It's the little things.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

24 Hour Bounce

Recently, my trampolining club held a 24 hour bounce. Yep, that's right, 24 hours of non-stop bouncing on a trampoline in the students union, all in aid of two very worthwhile charities. Sounds fun right? Not so much when you only have one working leg.

I'd been at the hospital during the afternoon so missed the start of the bounce but joined in from 7pm all the way through to 1pm the next day. Since I couldn't bounce, my main job was to keep spirits high, keep track of money, update social media and take lots of photo and video. I even managed to get back up to date with the lecture notes I'd missed due to the hospital appointment. Perhaps my proudest moment was making it to 5am without any form of caffeine at all, and I had only had 4 hours sleep the night before. Talk about adrenaline!

To be completely honest, it was absolutely killing me to be near a trampoline and not be able to go on it. In the middle of the night, everyone was starting to lag so I decided to relieve them of their duties for a moment by entertaining them with a cripple bouncing on her back. My boot was strapped as tight as it could go and didn't touch the trampoline at all and I'm pleased to report no extra pain as a result of my fun :) Below is the video I sent to my mum, she wasn't too impressed with my antics.  At the end of the day, we raised over £600 for charity and I went to bed (slept for 15 hours!) with the greatest feeling of pride that I'd ever experienced.