Friday, 3 January 2014


It's been a busy few days. On Sunday evening we went round to my Grandparents for dinner and ended up sitting around the table for 4 hours playing all sorts of games (I won the US States game). When I let hospital on Christmas Eve, they mentioned that they'd try to do my surgery on the following Monday, but we hadn't heard anything and it was only 12 hours before the time they'd probably call me for so we just assumed nothing was happening. However on Monday morning we had a message left on the answer phone asking me to go to the Fracture Clinic that afternoon! Dad phoned up asking whether this was for surgery or not considering there had been no change to my condition in the past week but no one could confirm anything for us. Thinking that I'd probably end up in surgery, I packed a bag and mum took me up to the hospital.

After a stupidly long wait (thanks NHS) and my notes being lost *somewhere* in the hospital, the Doctor saw me and just said we'd need surgery again and we'd go through the same process as last week. A junior doctor came down and refilled out the paperwork, and this time I actually understood what I was signing for and has all my questions answered. They wheeled me up to the ward where I was sharing with an old lady and 2 younger ladies. I got there just in time for tea so had a jacket potato and ice cream. Mum went home for tea then came back at visiting time with dad and my overnight bag. When they left I watched Home Alone on my iPad which helped to pass the time. After a big 11pm feast, I tried to sleep.

Annoyingly I was woken up every 4 hours again for my temperature etc to be taken. I woke up around 8am and the nurse told me that someone was coming up to take me down to surgery. You can imagine my confusion when they just wheeled me down for more X-rays! The radiologist was just as confused so I was sat in the x ray room for what seemed like ages until they got confirmation that d rays were actually needed. I was then wheeled back to the ward and I had to miss breakfast because I was on nil by mouth again. The anaesthetist came up to the ward to explain the process to me and told me we were still on track for early afternoon surgery. Mum and Nan came to visit at 2, and by this time I was very tired and grumpy (tired Hollie plus hungry Hollie is not a nice combination). I was taken down for surgery at 3pm.

The next thing I remember is waking up after surgery and noticing a huge black boot on my foot- I'd been told that I was having a cast back on. The room was freezing so a nurse got me a blanket and then I got taken back to the ward at about 4.30. I was so hungry! I was determined to be discharged as soon as possible so I was a perfect patient- I ate everything they could give me for tea, even stuff I don't like. Mum and dad came to visit me and before I knew it they were preparing my discharge paperwork. It was interesting to find something to wear that would go over the boot; I ended up in shorts with my compression socks still on and a dressing gown acting as a blanket to keep me warm! 
We got home at about 8pm and decided to carry on with our plans to be in Wales for new year. After a quick stop to see Nan and Grandad, we headed off and we there in 1hr 45 mins! By this point the anesthetic was starting to wear off so I took a few painkillers and since I was told by the anesthetist that I was allowed alcohol, I had a glass or two of wine to celebrate new year, but had a glass of water in between each glass of wine. We saw in new year and then it was quite the process to get me upstairs and into bed! 

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