Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Unexpected Developments in the Ankle Saga

Since I'm now at home from uni for Christmas, we got all my notes and xrays transferred to our local hospital. Mum took me up for a regular fracture clinic appointment yesterday. We went expecting it just to be a formality and get some xrays taken but boy were we wrong. The Doctor read through my notes and told me straight away that I'd need an operation- not the best thing to say to someone in the 1st sentence after you meet them! I was sent for xrays on my ankle, but also my knee since the Dr thought that with the damage in my ankle, there would have to be something wrong higher up in my leg. I haven't had 1 single bit of pain higher than the top of my ankle so I was relieved that the xray came up clear (though it left the Dr very confused as to how I'd managed to mess up my ankle so badly but not mess up my shin bone).

Anyways, the xrays confirmed the suspicion that the ankle wasn't healing properly so it was decided that I should have surgery. I had my red cast taken off and the full extent of the bruising showed. It was actually quite entertaining to see that nearly 2 weeks after the accident, I had clear bruising from my toes to halfway up my shin! I had a new cast put on (black this time), and a junior doctor came round to sort out surgery paperwork- they were going to keep me on a ward overnight and do surgery the next day. I was the last one out of the fracture clinic, and as it is so close to Christmas, everyone just wanted to go home.

I was wheeled up to a ward, where there was one other lady there. I'd missed tea and had nothing with me so mum went home to pick up some stuff for me. My phone battery was dying and I was miserable. I feel sorry for the poor nurses that were subject to my mental breakdown! Another lady was bought into the ward and her daughter gave me some food and magazines to relieve my boredom. Mum came back and sorted me out for the night- at the same time, Dad was at the walk in centre with Grandad who had developed a rash. Quite a stressful day for the family! After a bit of tv and a huge feast at 11pm, I tried to go to sleep.

It was the worst sleep of my life, and the being woken up every 4 hours to have my blood pressure and temperature taken was highly annoying. I mean, it's not like I'm ill, I'm perfectly healthy apart from a broken ankle. This morning I was treated to more entertainment from the old ladies. The surgeon came up to brief me about my surgery, but then returned at lunchtime to tell me that there was no chance we could have surgery that day. Nil by mouth for nothing! Mum and Dad came up for visiting time, I got my cast changed (it was so itchy!) and after being given ibuprofen and cocodamol, I was discharged with the idea of trying to have surgery the week after. I spent the rest of Christmas Eve firmly planted on the sofa in my new white cast, my onesie and wearing a santa hat, while watching the Grinch and eating Dominoes. Perfectly happy family fun. Just what Christmas is all about. And just what I needed.

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