Saturday, 14 December 2013

Diagnosis Time

When I woke up on Friday morning, the ankle was no better- it was a lot worse, now resembling a cankle. After speaking to my parents, we decided it was A+E time (even if it was just to get some strong painkillers and crutches!) so after a few messages to friends, I had 2 people take me to hospital. I had to get a housemate to help me down the stairs and to the car which was annoying- I'm usually fairly independent and hate having to rely on other people.

After about 15 minutes in the hospital waiting room, we noticed the hospital staff acting weirdly and all the doors were locked allowing no-one in or out. Apparently we were in the middle of a 'code black' situation where there was potential exposure to hazardous substances- this went on for about 45 minutes. After seeing the Doctor in triage, I was put into a wheelchair and taken through to the minor injuries unit where I was sent for x rays. The results came back quickly and if it wasn't for having 2 people there with me I don't think anyone would believe the diagnosis- fractured tibia!

They put me in a plaster of paris cast to allow the swelling to go down and gave me crutches telling me to come back to the fracture clinic on Monday. After more xrays to check the cast was in the correct place, I was sent home- the whole process took 3 hours. More fun getting me up the stairs on crutches- its definitely not my most dignified moment having to slide up to the 3rd floor on my bum. All my flatmates just laughed at me not realising how much they'll have to look after me! I spent the next few hours getting used to life on 1 leg and crutches, and trying to work out which clothes would fit over a cast.

Since it was the Christmas event at the union that night and I'd got a ticket and had invited friends round for predrinks, I let them all know I was stubborn and still happy to go out as long as they were happy and patient enough to be with a cripple for the night! I never realised how hard crutches are- I was dead after about 100m, so I ended up being carried to the union and security took pity on me and got me a wheelchair for the night, which my arms were forever thankful for. I can honestly say I never thought I'd ever have my photo taken with Santa whilst sitting in a wheelchair! My faith in humanity was restored this night- so many people that I hadn't seen in ages/didn't know at all were all more than happy to help me out and not complaining at all when things were taking 10 times longer to do because of me.

Talking about faith in humanity being restored, I was woken up to a lovely text from a friend who I had seen once since May saying she was on campus that day (which was a surprise) and was it ok if she came round with a care package for me. After realising that I was going to be stuck in the flat all weekend, I was more than happy for people to come and visit- sitting in the same room for hours with no laptop was not my idea of fun (the no laptop thing is proving to be an issue for getting deadlines in next week). Thankfully, I had 4 visitors at lunchtime and they were absolute angels and did a food shop for me! I am surrounded by seriously the best people ever! Dad's coming up to the fracture clinic with me and to pick up my car on Monday, now I've just got to work out how to get this work finished for Monday and get excused from my presentation.

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