Friday, 13 December 2013

A Setback

I've had a pretty rough week- lots of deadlines and nothing seems to be going my way at the moment. Anyways, I was surviving and as a break from deadline/life stress, I went to trampolining training yesterday night even though I still had work to do. As we were done with comps for the semester, I was working on new skills and putting new routines together ready to compete at the elite level in my next competition.
About 1 hour into training, I was working towards crash dive ballout. I'd been doing preps for the ballout all semester and had actually landed the whole skill 2 weeks ago when a higher level coach was at the session. After a few goes working on straightening out the crash dive, I decided to just do bouncerolls out of the crash dive to prep for the full skill. The first attempt felt totally normal, if not a little slow rotation, so on the second attempt, I tucked a little tighter to speed up the rotation. I must have got lost in my air awareness which is usually pretty good, because this time, instead of landing on my back, I landed on my feet in a very deep squat with all my body weight in front of my body, and possibly with the outside of my foot twisted. I felt a crunch in my ankle and immediately rolled back and held my foot. A tingling feeling shot up my leg and I sat and waited for the pain to wear off so I could at least get off the trampoline without causing too much fuss.

Half an hour after the accident
Alas, this didn't happen. In my attempts to keep myself calm and to not completely freak everyone else out, I stayed quiet and did simple tests on my ankle- my toes could move but the instant bruising and limited movement in the ankle told me that I wasn't walking away from this one. My stubborn side was immediately apparent, refusing help to get off the trampoline and hopping over to the closest bench to sit on, where we iced and elevated it straight away. I was pretty sure it was just a sprain- I must have been in denial over the crunching sound that I'd heard! After 20 minutes, we thought the swelling had gone down- until we looked at the outside of the ankle (we'd been icing the inside because thats where the bruising had shown up straight away) and we saw a lovely golf ball shape on what used to be my left ankle. Again, my stubborn side refused to go to hospital- I'd had such a bad week that this was the final straw and I just wanted to go to bed! So after about an hour, my friend drove me back to my flat and it took 3 people to get me up the stairs! After a few phonecalls to my parents and as much paracetamol as possible without overdose, I ended up going to bed with a very swollen ankle, hoping that it would die down by the morning.
The swollen ankle before bed- about 3 hours later

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