Friday, 4 October 2013

Ups and Downs

Life is a crazy thing. I've been back at uni for 11 days now and it's been ok- some great times and some times where I've felt quite down.

The biggest difference for me is living in a flat with 3 guys. All of my generation in my family are girls, I went to girls school and have lived with girls for the last 2 years, so being the only girl in the flat has taken quite an adjustment. Now I'm just waiting things to calm down after freshers week so I can get into a proper routine and remember the real reason why I'm here. I tried using the laundry yesterday. It ate my money so £6 later I finally have clean clothes.

I'm having one of those days thinking why the heck did I agree to be Club Captain this year? Since I've been back at uni, this has been my primary focus. I know this isn't good, but hopefully things will calm down again soon after the madness of recruiting freshers is done with and we have confirmed training times. And when lectures and deadlines are in full swing, I'll be forced to prioritize my work. So far, this Club Captain thing is one of the craziest things I've ever done. It's forced my out of my comfort zone and helped me to find the confidence I badly need. It's a heck of a lot of work, but so rewarding in the end, and I guess like everything in life, it has it's ups and downs.

The Beach on a warm Autumn day- super peaceful
I managed to squeeze in a quick nights break to see the family and catch a football match before freshers week started. It was nice to get away with a friend, and guide her round the town as a tourist. We made it down to the beach which I haven't been on for years. It was an unusually warm early Autumn day but the beach was empty and so peaceful. Though I've realised I've definitely spent a lot of time in that town this year when 3 people said hi to me- and none were family! I don't even get that in my hometown!

I'm annoyed at myself for feeling so down today because I just received some amazing news. My nan has just received the all clear from cancer! She was only diagnosed about a month ago, but it's been the month from hell for our family. I took the news quite badly, but didn't let anyone see it, cos I'm usually the emotionally stable one in the family! Thankfully, her surgery went well and its all good news, but she's gonna have 4 weeks radiotherapy and has to take tablets for 5 years before we can properly celebrate!
I knew coming into this year that there were going to be ups and downs, just didn't expect to have this many in the first 10 days. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger I guess.

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