Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Places I've Been

Places I've Been
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So after a year/summer of odd travelling, I thought it was time to update my 'Places I've Been' map. This year I've been to mainland Spain for the first time, and been to slightly more odd destinations such as Latvia, as well as a road trip starting in Italy, travelling through Slovenia to reach our destination in Croatia. So this year, I've been to 4 new countries!

To make it clear, to count as having 'been' to a country, I have to have stood on outdoor ground in the country. So, I am including Slovenia, since we got out the bus and walked around despite not actually staying there for a large period of time, as well as including Netherlands and India, which are both countries that I've had air transfers in, but did walk on outdoor ground.

The current list is- UK, Canada, USA, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Japan, Thailand, India, Iceland, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia and Latvia.

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