Thursday, 27 September 2012

Summer To Do List

I'm back to uni now, so lets see how I did with my summer to do list
- Pass exams/first year (not in the country during resit period so this could be problematic if this week doesnt go to plan :S)
I passed! I averaged a 65 with my 8 modules, which works out as a 2:1, but 3 of these modules were in the region of a first :)
 - Organize the best Hen Party ever for my lovely cousin
It happened. It was amazing.
 - Be a part of the Wedding of the Year and potentially most fun event in family history.
 Again. It happened. It was amazing. Such a perfect day for an amazing couple :)
- Start working towards my gymnastics coaching qualifications
I've completed nearly 120 volunteer hours over the summer and have an open invite to go back to the gym whenever I want :)
- Become a more confident driver (ie drive on the motorway and learn to park properly)
I can park properly, and have successfully completed my first solo motorway drive!
- Learn to use my D-3100 properly
Still not totally confident with it, but I am starting to take more photos in manual mode and play around with more settings. I got to photograph a gymnastics competition last week which was quite fun and I'm pleased with the results!
- Learn to play guitar
This didn't happen :(
- Learn new songs on the piano
I think the neighbours may be celebrating that I'm back at uni and not playing the piano for hours each day! I learned a few new songs, and can feel myself becoming a better player :)
- Watch as much of the Olympics as humanly possible- I'm gonna make the most of having an Olympics in a sensible timezone!
I'd say I did pretty well with this. Nothing else was on our tv for those 2 weeks, and me and my mum ended up spending up to 12 hours some days glued to the tv! Even when we were out, phones and radios kept us updated with Team GB's best ever performance!
- Take in as much of New York City as I can
I dont think we could have covered much more in the 5 days we were there. My highlight has to be walking around Central Park all morning, then getting the subway to Brooklyn, and then walking from the Brooklyn Bridge back to our hotel in Times Square. This was on the last day, I've never been in such pain but the sight of lights in the lower Manhattan skyline turning on at sunset was pretty memorable to say the least
- Take hundreds of photos in New York City
Can 800 pictures in 5 days count as lots of pictures?
- Play with my little cousins as often as possible. They are growing up so fast!
They are so cute and hopefully they will have fun memories of playing with me this summer. Now, they just need to stop growing!
- Visit my uni friends all over the country
We could never find a day when we were all free/in the country at the same time so this didnt happen :(
- Take my sister on a day out somewhere
Again, we couldnt settle on a place or a date so this didnt happen. We did have lots of fun drives/adventures though for the first time!
- Watch a sunrise. I have a feeling this will take place on the way to Heathrow in August!
 This happened on the way to Heathrow, just like I predicted :)
- Book flights to Singapore and finalise plans for next Easter.
We didn't get a place on the Singapore fieldtrip so we are going to Barcelona instead... currently looking at flight options :)

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