Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Summer So Far

A quick update on life at the moment... copied the list from my post last month about things I want to accomplish this summer.
- Pass exams/first year 
  No news on results yet, but I'm hopeful :)
- Organize the best Hen Party ever for my lovely cousin

  We had the hen party last week and it was amazing day, just perfect for the Bride to be. I'll post a separate post about it later.
- Be a part of the Wedding of the Year and potentially most fun event in family history.

  The wedding is in a couple of weeks time. I can't wait! I'm on a pre wedding diet in the hope my bridesmaids dress will fit me comfortably by then! 
- Start working towards my gymnastics coaching qualifications
  I have started coaching recently, and am currently in the gym twice a week, working with a group of girls aged 6-10. I'm loving it :)
- Become a more confident driver (ie drive on the motorway and learn to park properly)

  It appears mums knee operation has been a blessing in disguise, as I have had to do most of the driving for the family recently. I still haven't been on the motorway, but can now bay park properly pretty much anywhere :) (the parallel park is not happening)
- Learn to use my D-3100 properly

 I've been using my camera more often now I'm home, and I'm starting to become more confident using manual mode.
- Learn to play guitar

 This hasn't happened yet- I've located a guitar, however, it has missing strings so I need to sort that out.
- Learn new songs on the piano

  I haven't spent as much time on the piano as I would have liked to, due to my injured wrist and having the piano in the same room as the tv. However, I have learned a new song, and am in the process of learning 2 more.
- Watch as much of the Olympics as humanly possible
 37 days and counting.
- Take in as much of New York City as I can

 Theres lots to happen before we go, but plans and itineraries are being made. The doctor has given mum clearance to fly after her operation so we should be good to go.
- Take hundreds of photos in New York City

  I don't think I'll have to try hard with this one :P I always take too many photos whenever I have my camera around.
- Play with my little cousins as often as possible. 

 Not as often as I like due to conflicting schedules, but its nice to see them after being out of contact with their family for so long.
- Visit my uni friends all over the country

 No plans yet, but I'm sure I'll end up going somewhere- probably towards London way.
- Take my sister on a day out somewhere

 We've talked about it and are trying to work out where to go. I like the idea of a trip to London but not sure  how sensible/cheap it is to go to London this summer.
- Watch a sunrise. 

  I nearly did this after my uni summer festival, but was asleep by 4am since I had to be awake at 8am that morning! I guess I'll see sunrise on the Wedding Day or on the way to the airport for New York.
- Book flights to Singapore and finalise plans for next Easter.

   Turns out the Singapore trip is heavily oversubscribed so I'm on a waiting list, but at the moment, it looks like I'm going to Barcelona next Easter instead.