Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Summer To Do List

I'm pretty much finished with my first year of university now... just one exam and three days of fieldwork stand in my way. During my procrastination moments, I keep thinking of things that I want to do this summer, but I know I'll forget about/won't do unless I write it down.
 Here goes:

- Pass exams/first year (not in the country during resit period so this could be problematic if this week doesnt go to plan :S)
- Organize the best Hen Party ever for my lovely cousin
- Be a part of the Wedding of the Year and potentially most fun event in family history.
- Start working towards my gymnastics coaching qualifications
- Become a more confident driver (ie drive on the motorway and learn to park properly)
- Learn to use my D-3100 properly
- Learn to play guitar
- Learn new songs on the piano
- Watch as much of the Olympics as humanly possible- I'm gonna make the most of having an Olympics in a sensible timezone!
- Take in as much of New York City as I can
- Take hundreds of photos in New York City
- Play with my little cousins as often as possible. They are growing up so fast!
- Visit my uni friends all over the country
- Take my sister on a day out somewhere
- Watch a sunrise. I have a feeling this will take place on the way to Heathrow in August!
- Book flights to Singapore and finalise plans for next Easter.

Considering there are very few things set in stone for the summer, it looks like it's gonna be a good one!

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