Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Photography Bucket List

Since I got my Nikon D3100 in September 2011, I’ve been trying to learn ‘proper’ photography- ie not using auto mode! I found a photography bucket list online and have changed a couple to suit me more but thought it’d be fun to try as many of these as possible. I’ll post separate posts for each subject and link to them from here when I complete them.

    1. Raw emotion
    3. Photograph a stranger
    4. Natural street photography
    5. Snowy Landscape
    7. Sleeping dog
    9.  Spinning ferris wheel
   11. Child jumping in a puddle
   12. Dramatic light self portrait
   13. Sports action shot
   14. Moon
   15. Fireworks
   16. A true surprised look
   17. Slow SS Waterfall
   18. Children in a bathtub
   19. Eiffel Tower
   21. Swirl of hair on a newborn head
   23. First kiss as a married couple
   24. Panning shot
   25. A winding road
   26. Family's feet in a bed
   27. Child jumping on a bed
   29.  Makeshift tent with children
   30.  Child as superman
   32.  Girls sharing a secret
   33.  Open arms reunion at the airport
   34.  A celebrity
   36.  Sailboat at sunset
   37.  Parade
   38.  Baseball game
   40.  Slow SS Rollercoaster
   42.  Car tail lights
   44.  Elephant on a safari
   45.  Someone on their 100th birthday
   46.  Kid crying on Santas lap
   47.  Rainbow
   48.  Another Photographer in action
   51. Reflection of something in water
   52. A Proposal
   54. Expression of first lost tooth
   55. Elderly ladies laughing over tea
   56. Foggy trees
   57. Macro of a snowflake
   59. Horses running
   60. Great Wall of China
   61. Bee on a flower
   62. Market place in a foreign country
   63. Raindrops on a flower
   64. Parents hugging
   65. Pillow fight
   67. Maternity shot in 9th month

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